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Charntec Electronics Ltd provides sales and service support to manufacturers in the semiconductor and allied industries based in the UK, Ireland and Europe and is proud to be celebrating its 35th year in 2014.

Our extensive product range includes single and bulk wafer handling, thin film and optical wafer  measurements, mechanical packaged semiconductor  device handling, precision motion stages and controls and environmental equipment.  With our extensive range of products we supply the semiconductor, optoelectronics, display, MEMS, and optical coating industries as well providing analysis and design tools to the research and development community.


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Our product range includes, but is not limited to the following:


•  Thin Film and Metrology Tools:

  •  Film Thickness and Refractive Index Measurements.

  •  Ellipsometry.

  •  Line Width and Trench Measurements.


•  Bulk Wafer Handling Systems.


•  Wafer Loading and Aligning systems.


•  Device Handling Systems:

  •  Pick and Place Handlers.

  •  Gravity Feed Handlers.

  •  Rotary and Bowl Feed Handlers.


•  Wafer Inspection Systems.


•  Wafer I.D. Reading Systems.


•  Precision Stages and Motion Control Systems.


•  XYZ and Rotation Stages.


•  MEMS Systems.


•  Temperature Forcing Systems.


•  Laser Marking Systems.


•  Clean Room Accessories including:

  •  Flat/Notch Aligners

  •  Wafer Escalators.

  •  Single Wafer Lifters.


•  PI Device Contacts and Sockets.


Please contact us for more information.

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