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Device Handling, Laser, MEMs, Pick & Place, Tape & Reel, Test and Programming Systems


Since 1974, all of Exatron's designs, machining, assembly, software, and documentation has been done under one roof.  For 40 years they have been providing gravity feed, pick & place, rotary, walking beam or hand operated handlers to principally  the semiconductor, but now a growing number of markets around the world.

Over the years, Exatron has developed a long list of functions for their products. They refer to these functions as Building Blocks. Exatron can quickly arrange these building blocks into a system that meets or exceeds your requirements. Even if your Exatron product is a one-of-a-kind design, it is in fact comprised mostly of standard building block designs. The first building block determines the device transport method: pick & place, rotary, walking beam, gravity feed or hand operated. Now add nearly any combination of inputs/outputs: JEDEC trays, waffle packs, vacuum form trays, AUER boats/lead frame strips in magazines, plastic/metal tubes, tape & reel, bowl feeders, buckets, coin stackers and/or hand fed. Next, choose from Exatron's wide library of operation building blocks, including: 1 to 128 test sites with a wide choice of contactors for DC, AC, RF, Hi Pot, Kelvin, MEMS; up to +300C, controlled ambient, -55C temperature test; top and/or bottom side machine vision; bar code readers; laser markers; label application; and lead straightening. MEMS systems may require additional audio, light sense/emit, pressure, tilt, vacuum, and vibration building blocks.

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