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Exatron Gravity Feed Production Handlers

Model 5000 Handler:


5000-1_Edited.jpgThe Exatron Model 5000 Production Handling Systems are specifically designed as high-volume production handling systems. The Model 5000 is the most diverse model in Exatron's line, including elevated temperature, laser marking, and other options. The various models in this series have many elements in common. Their differences allow you to select the handler that matches your application. Select options to configure the 5000 to meet your present requirements and reconfigure it in the future as they change.




Devices are loaded into the top of the handler.
Typical loading methods are directly from tubes
placed in the Input Tube Holder, from a Bowl Feeder, from a tape & reel machine, or from other unique methods. The devices are then indexed to a test contact mechanism. Among the standard choices, the customer may select special SMD (Surface Mount Device) test sites which plunge the Device Under Test (DUT) up to1.5 inches past the back of the handler to a load board. Programming and testing takes place here, using any of several types of programmers and testers. After testing, failed devices are sorted into reject tubes. Devices which pass the test stage are sorted to the designated output for retrieval by the operator. Completed "Passed" devices can be returned to shipping tubes, passed onto tape & reel machines or bulk binned.


The Model 5000 handler's operation is constantly monitored by its STD Bus CPU. Once a device enters the handler, it is tracked by sensors as it passes through every step until it is positively placed in the correct output tube. If a device jam should occur, an appropriate error message will be displayed on the handler controller's front panel micro terminal. Most jams may be cleared by pressing the Run or Clear buttons on the front panel.


The handler may be operated in either of two modes: AUTO or MANUAL. MANUAL operation allows for Handler Diagnostics sequences to be run, Handler Set-Up changes to be entered, and mechanical adjustments to be made at the operator's convenience before, during, and after automatic Handler operation.


AUTO operation continuously cycles devices through the handler. The handler will stop when empty but re-start automatically when more devices are loaded. Each output tube may be filled to any pre-set amount, with individual counters keeping track of quantities in all outputs. When an output tube fills, the handler automatically begins to fill any other unfilled tube assigned to the sort signal received from the tester. When all output tubes are filled, the handler will stop and a message will be displayed, such as "ALL OUTPUTS FULL." The tube counter is automatically reset by removing the full tube and re-inserting an empty tube. The handler will not cycle devices to outputs which have no tubes or which are full. Additionally, a continuous subtotal count in maintained for each output, up to a total of 999,999 devices.


Sorting is accomplished by use of a stepper motor and a solenoid released shuttle. Dual positive binning sensors keep track of the shuttle's position at all times. In the event of a sorting problem, a message will be displayed on the handler's front panel, and the devices will not be binned until the problem is corrected. The Model 5000 Handler, like all Exatron handlers, is guaranteed to properly bin every device even during "power down" conditions. Exatron has been one of the pioneers in the area of positive binning functions. Exatron test handling equipment meets or exceeds the standards set by Motorola "Six Sigma" binning requirements.



Many options are available for the Model 5000 Handler, most of which may be added in the field:

Laser Marker Upgrade.

High Frequency Contacts - Particle Interconnect.

Elevated Temperature Handling and Testing.

Tape & Reel Output Method.

Multiple Test Sites.
We have a combination of multiple test sites to match your requirement! Available with one or more test sites, the 5000 Series is ideal for applications with multiple test requirements, high volume requirements, elevated temperature requirements, or for automating the programming and testing of PLDs. Throughput can be doubled with a multisite handler!.

Ambient Temperature Operation:
Room Temperature.
1,2,3, 8 or Custom Test Sites.
Dead or Live Bug.

Elevated Temperature Options:
Up to 1550C
1,2,3, 8 or Custom Test Sites.
Dead or Live Bug.

Automated Tube Unloader:
Exatron can provide an automated tube unloader that can accept up to 60 tubes and automatically unload them into the handler system.Bowl-feed Input
Exatron can integrate most types of bowl-feeding equipment with our handling equipment.

Output Tray:
For small, fine pitch devices or devices which must be protected against "slamming" into the bottom of a tube, Exatron manufactures a line of output "trays" for our gravity feed systems. These trays are fixed output rails made specifically for a given type of device. These rails can be built with special features to retard the fall of the devices through the rail and prevent one part from slamming into another. Output trays come with spring-loaded gates and specially designed ports for an operator to insert a plastic shipping tube and fill that tube from the output tray rail.

Opto-isolation Interface:
Exatron offers an opto-isolation interface option for electrically "noisy" applications.

Light Pole Status Indicator:
Exatron offers a three-color light pole status indicator to provide quick visual updates on handler performance to operators. This facilitates operation of multiple pieces of equipment by single operators.

Aluminum Output Tubes:
Exatron highly recommends the use of aluminum output tubes for tube-fed devices. These tubes have several advantages, including reduction of ESD concerns, reduction of handler jams, and ease of change-over for handler kits.

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