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Exatron Laser Marking Systems

Laser Markers

Exatron offers a wide range of automated laser marker for higher-volume needs. With a huge selection of input/output, vision, and laser OEM options, our laser markers can be made to suit nearly any job.


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Model 1900AJT

Our standard automated laser marker. It accepts all types of JEDEC trays (thick, thin, vacuum-formed, waffle pack), and can include many camera and lighting options. A flexible, reliable work horse.


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Exatron Model 1900-AJT

Model 901

Single JEDEC Tray Laser Marker with Pre and Post-mark Vision Options.

Exatron Model 901 Laser Marking System

Model 3000

Desktop Gravity Feed Laser Marker with Tube Input/Output

Exatrom Modell 3000 with Laser Marking System

Model 700

Laser Marker with Bowl Input/Bucket Output.


EXatron Model 700 Laser Marker with Bowl Feeder

Model 2110

Rotary Laser Marker with Vision Options.


Exatron Model 2110 Rotary Laer Marking System

Custom - Laser Markers

This model is a Conveyor Laser Marker - For Marking Solar Panels.

Exatron Custom Conveyor Laser Marker

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