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Exatron Laser Marking Systems

Model 1900-AJT

Exatron-Automated-Laser-Marker_Model-1900-AJT_web__Thumbnail.jpgExatron's standard automated laser marker. It accepts all types of JEDEC trays (thick, thin, vacuum-formed, waffle pack), and can include many camera and lighting options. A flexible, reliable work horse.



CDRH Class 1.

Separate loading and marking cabinets.

Trays can be loaded/unloaded without interrupting laser marking.


Exatron-built input/output stacker feeds all JEDEC tray standards with no mechanical changeover.

Holds up to 40 thin JEDEC trays.

Exatron-Automated-Laser-Mark_Model-1900-AJT---marking-cabinet_web.jpgAutomatic laser lift stand or automatic internal focus.

Safety viewing window.

Intuitive automation software.

Unique marking files for each job.

Heavy duty welded steel frame.

Fully enclosed on all sides, doors electrically and mechanically locked.


Vision Options

Exatron-Automated-Laser-Marker_Model-1900_InputOutput-Stackers_Edited.jpgPre-Mark Options:

Exatron Smart Mark® capabilities can include inspections for:

Pocket occupation.

Device orientation.

Precision mark alignment.


Allows alignment of new mark to existing marks.

Post-Mark Options:

Laser mark presence and quality check.

Optical Character Recognition/Verification.

Data matrix read and/or verification.
(According to ISO, AIM, and/or SAE standards.



Modified Model 1900S


Model 1900 automated laser markers with a variety of input/output options.

Strip Marker with Vision Options

Auer Boat Marker

Strip Marker with Magazine
Input/Elevator Output

Tile Marker
with Magazine Input/Output



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