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Exatron MEMS Handling Systems

MEMS Handling Systems


MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) test technology involves the integration of electrical test with one or more environmental conditions.
The challenge is to design automated test handling systems integrated with the MEMS test equipment.

Exatron has answered that challenge in building numerous custom handlers to test a variety of MEMS devices, using various combinations of test options.Exatron has also built custom handlers to program MEMS devices.

Exatron has dealt with the following MEMS disciplines:

Air pressure/vacuum | Audio | Electrical | Hot/ambient/cold | Impact | Laser marking |
Light sense | Light source | Magnetic | Vibration



Air Pressure

Light Source

MEMS - Air Pressure
MEMS - Light Source


Magnetic Testing

Exatron - MEMS Audio
Exatron - MEMS Magnetic Testing

Laser Marking


 Programming MEMS Oscillators

Exatron - MEMS Laser Marking
Exatron - Programming MEMS Oscillators

 Laser Mark Audio Sensors

 Hot / Ambient / Cold Test

Exatron - MEMS Laser Mark Audio Sensors
Exatron - MEMS Hot / Ambient / Cold Test

 Light Sense

 Vibration Test Sites on Isolation Plate

Exatron - MEMS Light Sense
Exatron - MEMS Vibration Test

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