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Tape & Reel Systems:

offers a wide range of Gravity Feed, Pick & Place and Rotary Tape & Reel handlers.



Model 1010 manual feed taping handlers.

The Model 1010 is a reliable and economical manually-fed thermal/PSA tape and reel machine with foot pedal advance and a host of vision options.

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Model 202 Tape and Reel.

The Model 202 is a workhorse production tape and reel that integrates seamlessly with Exatron handlers. 8mm to 72mm standard tape range, 120 mm special order. Tape inspection comes standard.


Model 1020 Tube to Tape.

The Model 1020 automates the process of moving devices from plastic shipping tubes to carrier tape for automated stuffing machines. Quick, accurate, and reliable.

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Taping machines integrated with other handlers.


Model 1080 Taping System.

Model 1080 taping machines are integrated with the Fast-Track 8000 Handlers and the AutoScan Series.


Model 1050 Taping System.

Model 1050 taping machines are integrated with Model 5000 Handlers.

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Tape Input:

Tape Input (Detaper), based on standard Hover-Davis tape feeders.

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