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Exatron Tape & Reel Systems

Automated Tape & Reel Systems

Model 202


Controlled by handler PC.

Self-diagnostic software.

Fixed width tape and reel with quick changeover.

8 mm to 72 mm standard tape width range; 120 mm special order.

Camera inspection for part presence, orientation & alignment.

Fast PSA-to-thermal seal conversion.

Dual seal heads with independent pressure & temperature control.

Easy to change/clean seal heads/blades.

Optional "thumper" attachment vibrates parts squarely into tape pockets.

Floor-mount cross-reel feeder available.

Customizable for unique applications.






The Model 1020

1020-Taper-w-vision_web.jpgThe Model 1020
automates the process of moving devices from plastic shipping tubes into carrier tape, replacing inefficient and ineffective manual transfer methods that often cause damage to delicate devices. One operator can control several of these units at once, increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

The Model 1020 also has many available add-ons, including laser markers, labellers, and advanced vision options.



Sensor quickly identifies Pin1 corner - alerts operator to improperly rotated, upside down, and damaged parts.

Intuitive touch - screen interface - easy to setup sensor and edit inspections.

Sensor integrates seamlessly with Exatron PLC, no additional PC required.



Simple setup, easy to use.

Thermal or PSA sealing.

8 tube "octo-loader" automatic input feeder.

Snap on input tube tooling with quick change input track kits.

Unique tape guide block guarantees proper alignment of carrier and cover tape.

No micro-adjustments needed -In pocket vision - Pin1, empty/out of pocket, upside down (see reverse)Independent seal head pressure and temperature control.

Micro terminal for current status, setup, and diagnostics.

Stand-alone operation, no PC required.

NOTE: the specifications and general features are the same as those of the Model 1010 taper.



Optional equipment is the same as that available for the Model 1050, including in-line laser markers, labelling equipment, vision systems, etc.


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