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Exatron Tape & Reel Systems

Integrated Tape & Reel Systems:


Taping machines integrated with other handlers.


Model 1050 Taping System:


The 1050 is designed to bolt onto the Model 5000 line of handlers and act as the output for these handlers. The Model 1050 is the perfect compliment to our high-volume handling and testing systems. Factory-retrofittable to existing handlers, the Model 1050 provides the perfect output method for device production bound for pick-and-place PCB stuffing machines.


The Model 1050 replaces the standard tube output on Exatron handlers. Movement and sealing is controlled by the handler controller electronics. Depending on the test/programming time of the devices being taped, the highest throughput of the taping machine is 5000 UPH. In all cases, the handler can be programmed to skip test/programming and act simply as a taping machine.


The Model 1050 can be used to incorporate additional inspection or marking steps past those available with the handler itself. The taping machine can incorporate its own laser marker, label applicator, or vision inspection system for use after the parts have been placed in the carrier tape and before sealing. The Taper is designed for 8 to 72 mm tapes, PSA or Thermal Seal.



Model 1080 Taping System:


bigautoscan4000tape1.jpgThe 1080 Tape & Reel system is designed to be integrated with the Fast-Track 8000 line of handlers as well as with the AutoScan Series. The Model 1080 is a standard tape output system for 8 to 72 mm tapes, PSA or Thermal Seal.


The Model 1080 Tape & Reel machine is an Exatron standard Tape & Reel Handler that has been modified to be easily attach to Exatron's Pick & Place machines. All controls for the Tape & Reel machine have been integrated into the Pick & Place control software, so control of the Tape & Reel machine is done via the Pick & Place computer interface.

The Model 1080 Tape & Reel system can also be configured to bypass any testing, programming or marking and simply act as a Tray to Tape transfer machine only. This Tape & Reel system can also be set up as a stand alone Taper for manual loading.


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