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Faith Enterprises is an industry leader in Wafer Handling Automation.  They are known for quality and reliability and manufacture the following equipment meeting the highest cleanroom specifications:

Rapitran Wafer Transfer Systems:

  • Rapitan 3, Three Station 50 Wafer Transfer.
  • Rapitan 3, Two Station 25 Wafer Transfer.
  • Rapitan 3, Four Station 50 Wafer Transfer.
  • Rapitran 50X2B, Back to Back Transfer.
  • Rapitran MICRO, Single Station, 25 Wafer Transfer.

Clean Room Accessories and Tools:

  • Wafer I.D. Reader.
  • NANO Wafer Transfer System.
  • AUTOPOD 2000 SMIF Pod Opener.
  • Friction-Free Notch-Aligners and Flat-Aligners.
  • Wafer Escalator.
  • Slide Transfer.
  • Wafer Presenter.
  • Diffusion Boat Forks.

Photo-Voltaic Cell Handling Systems:

  • Solar Cell Stack to Cassette Loader.
  • Rapitran 2, Solar Cell Batch Transfers.

Wet Process Automation.

Custom Automated Systems.

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