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Faith Enterprises was founded in 1975 as a small engineering consulting firm and gradually developed their Wafer Transfer Machine.  However, since 1984, Faith has been dedicated to manufacturing mass wafer transfer systems for the semiconductor industry, and continuous research into improving their products.  The Rapitran 3, 50-wafer transfer system performs four standard transfers: 50-wafer load/unload, 25-wafer load/unload, boat to boat transfer and cassette to cassette transfer.  This system can also be configured to perform other transfers such as Back-to-Back and 12/13-wafer transfers.  Optional features are available such as built-in flat or notch aligning, Hi-temp wafer contact material, heat sensor interlocks, and GEM/SECS communications. Other products include automated wafer sorting and wafer handling, cassette and process carrier stocking/storage, FOUP stocking, OCR wafer I.D., SMIF pod openers, Photo-voltaic cell handling, Flat-panel handling and more.


Faith's ability to design and build custom automated systems allows us to offer money saving solutions to our customers. If you have a need for an automated machine, please visit Faith's products pages for more information.


Today, Faith Enterprises is an industry leader in Wafer Handling Automation with over 2000 units worldwide. They are known for quality and reliability and they take their reputation very seriously. Building a product that does not perform as expected is unacceptable to their values.  That may sound like an obvious thought, but it is certainly not common philosophy in today's business world and like Charntec, it is fundamental to supplying quality, reliable and sustainable equipment.


Charntec has been a distributor for all Faith products since 1992.

Please contact us for more information.

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