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Clean Room Accessories and Tools

The products below have been designed and built to customer requirements. However, Faith welcome other requests as well. If you do not see exactly what you need below, Please contact our sales department for obligation free information or a quotation.



Wafer I.D. Reader

Faith's Wafer I.D. Reader uses the industry leading Camera to reliably read the most difficult wafer scribes. It precisely aligns the notches and positions them so that the scribe mark is aligned to the Camera. Then the wafers are lifted in a cascade pattern so the Camera has a clear and direct view of the scribe. Modes of operation include "first available", "individual", and "all" wafer read modes. A full 25-wafer read takes less than 40 seconds. The system is GEM/SECS compatible with HSMS over Ethernet.

FRICTION-FREE Notch-Aligners and Flat-Aligners

Faith's line of Notch and Flat Aligners are the cleanest available due to their FRICTION-FREE design. When the Notches or Flats are collected, the wafer no longer touches the roller. This eliminates friction and the resulting particle contamination that other aligners generate.

  • Stepper Motors for precise alignment.
  • <10 seconds per alignment.
  • Flats up or down selector switch.
  • Large Paddle Start Switch for convenience.

NANO Wafer Transfer System

This low cost unit is a welcome alternative to slide transfers. It handles the wafers cleanly and gently at a fraction of the cost of any other machine on the market. Its footprint is only slightly larger than the cassette itself yet it is packed with many features.

  • Stepper Motor Driven, all electric operation.
  • Cassette Sensors ensure the cassette is seated properly.
  • A Wafer Sensor provides protection against operator error.
  • Power Fail-safe. Holds the wafers safely at all times.
  • Automatic homing upon power-up.
  • Fast transfer. Cassette to cassette in 14 seconds.

Wafer Escalator

Faith's Wafer Escalator stair-steps a cassette full of wafers so that the wafers I.D. marks can be read. The wafers are held in a comb so that they do not rub on the sides of the cassette slots.

  • All electric operation.
  • Clean, gentle handling.
  • Cassette reclines 30 degrees for easy wafer viewing.

Wafer Presenter

This tool will lift any single wafer up out of a cassette for inspection or removal without damaging other wafers in the cassette. A sliding selector is positioned to the desired wafer number and then at the flip of the switch, that wafer is presented.

  • All electric operation.
  • Clean, gentle handling.
  • Very small footprint.

AUTOPOD 2000 SMIF Pod Opener

SMIF pods can be quickly and easily opened and closed with the AUTOPOD 2000. The Pos Cover is unlocked and raised up for easy access to the cassette.

  • Stepper Motor Driven, all electric.
  • Sensors ensure that the base of the pod is seated.
  • Protruding Wafer Detection eliminates broken wafers.
  • Power fail-safe. Holds position without power.
  • Automatic homing upon power-up.
  • Fast operation. 8 seconds to open or close Pod.

Slide Transfer

The Slide Transfer tool is unique in that the cassettes are loaded one in front of the other. This is more ergonomic and natural than side-by-side slide transfers. The operator pulls the knob forward to transfer the wafers, which gives them greater control than pushing the wafers sideways. Also, this design requires very little table space to operate.

  • Tygon Tubing provides a soft contact to the wafers.
  • Ball Bearing slide for super smooth motion.
  • Interlock requires a front cassette to operate.

Diffusion Boat Forks

Faith make forks for Silicon Carbide or Quartz diffusion boats using high quality materials and parts. Designed to give the operator a secure and ergonomic grip on the boat. Available with specialty contact parts such as Vespel, Peek and Ultem.



Please contact us for more information.

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