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Rapitran Wafer Transfer Systems


These are some of Faith's "standard" products that have evolved from the first Rapitran design. As always, they are built to last and offer a tremendous ROI. These machines are simply the best on the market. In 2010, Faith introduced the new Rapitran 3 which offers an even higher level of excellence. Many great improvements such as more accurate boat and cassette sensing, simplified alignment and new linear ball bearing rails replacing the old round shafts. The Rapitran 3 is cleaner, more robust and more reliable than ever.


Rapitran Features

All electric operation.

Clean gentle handling of wafers.

Wafer Sensors provide protection against operator error.

Power Fail-safe. Holds the wafers safely at all times.

LCD screen for error messaging.

Full featured manual mode with safety interlocks.

Optional Built-in Flatfinders with Stepper motor drives.

Operator friendly: Ergonomic operation and simple, intuitive controls.

Cassette Sensors ensure the cassette is seated properly before and during a transfer.

Stall feature stops any motor that meets unusual resistance. Transfer will continue.

Automatic homing upon power-up including safe handling of any wafers present.

Self Diagnostics and error history simplify troubleshooting and maintenance.

50 wafer transfer in as little as 35 seconds.


Rapitran 3, Three Station, 50 Wafer Transfer

This machine transfers 50 wafers from two cassettes to a diffusion boat and back again. Multiple transfer modes allow 50 wafer, 25 wafer, cassette to cassette and boat to boat transfers.

Rapitran 3, Two Station, 25 Wafer Transfer

This machine transfers 25 wafers from one cassette to a diffusion boat or other type of cassette and back again. Multiple transfer modes allow 25 wafer, cassette to cassette and boat to boat transfers.

Rapitran 3, Four Station, 50 Wafer Transfer

For customers who need to use two different types of diffusion boats on the same machine without any change-over. This machine operates identically to our three station model except that it has a fourth station for a second boat. The machine detects which boat is present and automatically transfers the wafers to that station.


Rapitran 50X2B, Back to Back Transfer

This machine can transfer 25 wafers out of a cassette and load them into the boat in a proximity, back to back position. It can also be configured to use boats with solid source disks. The cassette turntable makes the transfer cycle totally automated, reducing transfer time to less than 40 seconds.

Rapitran Micro, Single Station, 25 Wafer Transfer

The Micro is used to transfer 25 wafers between cassettes and/or an open bottom boat. The wafers are lifted up out of the first cassette and held in the combs while the operator changes to the new cassette. Then the wafers are lowered into the second cassette or boat. At only 10 inches (225mm) wide the Micro can fit almost anywhere.




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