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Franklin MCI designs and manufactures precision equipment for a variety of industries: MEMs, electronics, biomedical, semi-conductor, solar, university research labs, agricultural, mining, and automotive.  In fact, any industry that requires microscope inspection or precise motions or automation, they have a variety of products to meet those needs and have extensive experience for specializing in custom solutions

On our website you will find a vast array of precision mechanical and optical equipment.  From simple ball bearing stages to robot products like Franklin's wafer loader.  In addition to their standard "off the shelf" products, they also manufacture many custom products.  Custom products range from custom stages to full wafer handling robotic systems used in production lines. Whether you need a replacement stage for your microscope, a micron level measuring microscope system, or a custom precision robot system you have found the right place.

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Two key products are Franklin's Wafer Loaders and their Manual and Automatic Microscope Stages.

Franklin MCI Wafer Loaders are designed for customers who want a simple, reliable, easy to maintain and easy to program wafer loader.  There are several models available tailored to industry requirements.  Please see our Wafer Loader section for further information.

Built with Modular Components.

Franklin wafer loaders are designed to be very easy to repair. They designed the main components to be easily removable. For instance if the robotic mechanism needs replacement/repair you remove 4 screws and unplug 3 small cables to take it out. Same thing goes for the Cassette elevator, remove 4 screws, unplug and remove/replace. You will not find a simpler loader to maintain.



Designed to move 1 million or more wafers.  All mechanical motions are designed with recirculating ball bearing movements with hardened shafting/raceways and roller bearings. We test load/unload anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 wafers on each loader during our testing procedures.


Their standard Loader Software runs on a PC with the XP operating system, which we supply with each Loader. It can be a laptop or a desktop depending on customer choice.  For customers who want to write your own software we will supply an OCX example.  Help with custom software and integration is available.


Manual and Automatic Microscope Stages:

Manual Stages.

Franklin Microscope stages are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Sizes include 4", 6", 8", 12" and are available for reflected or transmitted light. Their stages are designed for stability, longevity, and dependability. Manufactured from precision aluminium plates and machined to exacting standards provides for a high quality and "flat" operating stage. The adjustable ball bearing stainless steel raceways assure years of maintenance free service. All movements are smooth, positive and free of backlash. Lastly, the stages will fit nearly all microscope stands.


Motorized Microscope Stages:

Franklin MCI's line of motorized microscope stages offer excellent precision, great reliability and good value. Franklin use precision ground aluminium plates for construction which produce a stage that runs "flat" throughout it's travel. For linear bearings their hard stainless steel raceways with cross roller bearings ensure excellent reliability. All their stages are finished in black anodize and the top plate receives a teflon coating which gives it added protection and preservation.

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