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Model # 1010P Push Stage

This is Franklin's most popular push stage. It has 10x10 inches of travel. The ball bearings and hard stainless raceways produce a smooth gliding stage. It comes with knobs for easy pushing. Optional XY locks are also available.

Franklin MCI can also drill and tap custom holes at no extra charge.


Model # 1818P and # 2424P

These models are designed to handle up to 60 lbs. The linear raceways use hardened shafting and split ball bushings. This produces a smooth and easy motion stage. Available with solid top or open frame.

Options include XY locks and custom top plate.


Model # 1414P Push Stage

This stage is very similar to the 1010P but has 14x14 inches of travel. This model also features linear motion ways with cross roller bearings. Cross roller bearings add the weight and capability the stage can handle. Available options include XY locks and custom top plate.

Franklin will drill and tap custom holes in the top plate for no charge.


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