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Defining a New Era in Wafer Loader Technology 


PC Based GUI

Franklin’s loader software features a Graphical User Interface (GUI). With this interface operators can select all wafers or individual wafers for inspection. Commonly inspected sets of wafers can be saved as “recipes”. The system can be set to repeatedly inspect a given set of wafers as soon as the cassette is replaced. Changes to slot selections can be made as the loader is running and there is a provision for marking rejected wafers. Simple options are provided for basic operator tasks, like starting or cancelling inspection, pausing, or simple error recovery. A more advanced Setup Screen is accessible only by administrators and allows for a great deal of error recovery, customization, and position configuration.


Mechanically Designed for Reliability

All movement in Franklin MCI’s loaders utilize ball bearings for maximum life and reliability. Each linear bearing, rotary bearing, and ball screw is chosen to meet the high demand of everyday operation. These off the shelf items are industry proven for excellent reliability.


Software for Integration

The software comes packaged as a DLL file and an executable. The executable contains the GUI, the sequencing code, all communications, settings, and basic operations that are performed by calling functions of the DLL. The DLL can be used to create a custom interface or to add loader functionality to a larger software system. The DLL is designed to be used by a .NET application but can be accessed with COM. The executable also supports simple commands, which can be issued from a remote RS-232 interface allowing for remote operation.



End Effectors

We have customized our loaders for many special applications that utilize custom end effectors. From loading individual disc drive discs, to loading wafers with exclusion zones we have designed and made many custom end effectors. From design to manufacturing we do it all in our in-house machine shop for maximum quality control.


Customization for Thin/Special Wafers

In our set up panel, we have the ability to change speeds and feeds of the loader motions. Our ability to make custom End Effectors gives us the tools for customizing our loaders for handling thin/special wafers. For more information about handling your thin or special wafers, please call.


Stages and Integration to Microscope Stands

One great advantage of our versatility is that we can integrate our loaders to any microscope model, and also hand off the wafers to any stage* or platform*. Whether you have a brand new microscope or an earlier model we can integrate them to work together.



Our throughput is enhanced by having software that multi-threads. This means that while the operator is inspecting the wafer the loader is getting the next wafer ready. It will retrieve the next wafer and do the pre-align function. The software also allows for selecting wafers for desired operations. While all wafers may need pre-aligning, some may not need backside inspection. With our software you can select all or custom select each wafers inspection procedure.


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