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SCI Product Range

Scientific Computing International (SCI) is a world leader in providing high resolution thin-film metrology systems and analysis software products to leading companies in the semiconductor, optoelectronics, data storage, display, MEMS, optical coating,biotechnology, and photovoltaic industries.

SCI offers metrology systems for thin-film material characterization, with models that range from table-top systems suitable for R&D to fully automated, standalone production tools, and software products for thin-film analysis and design.

FilmTek™ spectrophotometry-based metrology systems from SCI have long set the standards for thin film measurement and depending on the model can measure reflection, transmission, multiple angle reflection, spectroscopic ellipsometry, and generalized ellipsometry data.

FilmTek™ spectroscopic ellipsometers are based on a rotating compensator design and combine spectroscopic ellipsometry with multiple angle reflectometry to provide peak performance from very-thin to very-thick films.

Their FilmTek™ 4000 Series "raises the bar" by delivering 100 times the resolution of the best non-contact method for thin film measurement, and 10 times the resolution of the best prism coupler contact systems.

It's the result of their patented DPSD™ (Differential Power Spectral Density) technique.

And it's the latest example of how SCI is leading the thin film measurement field by raising performance to a new level — while offering systems that are truly affordable for virtually every application.


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