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Charntec Electronics Ltd has represented Scientific Computing International (SCI) since 2000.

SCI was founded in 1993 to provide software products for thin-film analysis and design to the research and development community and the optical coating industry.  SCI's FilmWizardTM software was introduced the same year, and continues to be recognized as the leading software package for thin-film analysis and design.  In 1998, SCI expanded into the wafer metrology business and introduced the FilmTekTM line of thin-film metrology systems based on the reflection of broadband light.  In 1999, SCI developed and patented multi-angle differential power spectral density technology and introduced the FilmTekTM 4000, a metrology system with a resolution 100 times better than existing tools.  The FilmTekTM 4000 quickly became the standard film metrology tool used in the production of integrated optical components for the optical telecommunications industry.  In early 2003, SCI developed multi-angle differential polarimetry technology and introduced the FilmTekTM 4000EM-DUV, a metrology system which is far more sensitive to changes in very thin films, particularly films within multi-layer stacks, than existing metrology tools that rely on conventional ellipsometry or reflectometry techniques.  SCI continues to innovate and develop new technologies to provide the highest-resolution metrology tools available for our customers in the semiconductor, optoelectronics, data storage, display, MEMS, and optical coating industries.

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