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Stockwell Elastomerics is a fourth generation, privately held business founded in 1919 as a distributor of belting, hose, sheet rubber packing and wholesale rubber products by Frederick E. Stockwell. They have changed greatly over the years. Each succeeding generation has made its mark on the company, capitalizing on market opportunities, incorporating new products and capabilities and surviving the challenges that beset all small businesses.

During the late 1940s when the firm adopted new materials and technologies such as Rubatex® closed cell neoprene sponge and silicone rubber products made in sheets from General Electric silicone compounds. These products helped the company penetrate the early aerospace, aircraft, color television and business machines markets of the 1950s and 1960s and during these the peak years of the space program, Silicone rubber components provided by Stockwell Elastomerics orbited the earth and landed on the moon.

Stockwell has continued to expand and invest in new equipment to enable them to serve in all aspects of different industries.

Charntec has been representing Stockwell for more than 10 years.

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