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Charntec - Service and Support

Service Visits, Service Contracts, Maintenance and Support:


Our services include:

  • Installation and training on all equipment supplied.
  • Quick and reliable turn around time for all our warranty and service contract customers.
  • Calibration.
  • Spare parts holding for current and older equipment.



Three types of maintenance contract to suit individual customers requirements:

  • Full Yearly Maintenance Contract:
    Includes once or twice yearly maintenance visit, all labour and travelling expenses and all parts required during the service contract period.


  • Maintenance Contract Excluding Parts:
    One or two maintenance visits a year, all travel and labour is included. Parts are charged as and when required.


  • Visits Only:
    Service/maintenance/calibration visits can be called upon as required.




Charntec offers user and technical telephone support to all warranty and service contract customers to assist in getting their system up and running as quickly as possible.

On-Site Service.

Charntec will make a best effort to respond quickly to field-service calls.

Factory Service.

Charntec provides a repair service from our facility. For customers with older systems it is often more cost effective to return the equipment for evaluation and cost estimate before any work is carried out. There is nominal charge for the investigation.

Service Contracts.

Use sidebar or click here for service contract options.

Please contact us for more information.

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