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Thermonics Temperature Forcing Systems Support


We would like to inform any customer of Charntec Electronics Ltd who has purchased, previously used or is currently using a Thermonics Precision Temperature Forcing System (PTFS) that Thermonics, Inc. has been sold and its product lines discontinued.

However, Charntec will continue to fully support all Thermonics T-2420, T-2800, T-2820, T-2500 and T-2600 models of PTFS, offering a comprehensive repair, servicing and calibration service.  Charntec represented Thermonics for over 25 years and during that time built up a wealth of knowledge and large inventory of spare parts.  Along with having access to new parts for service and repair work, we are in a position to continue to offer the highest possible level of support to all existing Thermonics users.

Please contact us for more information.

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